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plasticity and light pose for a versatile outdoor lifestyle

Vega makes for an easy object to live with. Undemanding, elegant and carefree, Vega puts you at ease, so you can relax. Vega’s contemporary flair and versatility makes it also a great choice for in-out dinner and café furniture.


All Vega frames and tabletops are made on recyclable aluminium and finished with a handsome layer of oven cured epoxy, the cleanest and environmentally friendly paint available today. When it comes to the seats, Vega becomes unique; a choice of Full Aluminium, Wicker, batyline or padded choices for your seat and backrest are available to suit you best. At first sight, Vega is light and graceful, but underneath the skin there is a heavy-duty object concealed which is purely engineered to perform and withstand even the most unforgiving conditions. Whatever the abuse, whatever the weather.





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Maiori Design Studio - A curated multicultural team of in-house designers, technicians, crafting specialists  and engineers, Maiori Design Studio is the core of both the brand and the R&D facilities where they feel at home. This group of industrial design maestros works on a collaborative platform where every part has critical input, the studio can output designs that are optimize for industrialization. Over the years, the studio has develop a focus on simple, innovative, versatile and sustainable pieces made with precision and attention to detail. In charge of all design and development for the brand, our team also consults external projects.






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