Cannes Festival


The Sun Shines At Night In Cannes

It wasn’t only flashes that shed light to Cannes Festival champagne-filled evenings and private parties. Maiori has had the honour this year of illuminating some of Cannes most exclusive scenarios with La Lampe Collection of solar lighting. This bet for sustainability is perhaps a subtle notch in the great scheme of things, but at Maiori it is celebrated that outdoor solar lighting, the brainchild of the brand, was there to bring light to those many moments.


It is an easy-going spring night in Cannes. Actors, directors, personalities, enthusiasts and curious alike rub shoulders in the red carpet whilst the planet watches the otherwise tranquil Mediterranean spot in southeast France becoming the belly button darling of the global film industry. The screenings have stopped now and it’s time to socialize and attend cocktails and parties, this is after all Cannes and one comes here to see cinema but also to be seen. And both, films and parties have made Cannes a legend.


In Patio Canal+, the gentle light of La Lampe Paris, add intimacy to the exclusivity and privacy of the space, where interchanging gossips and future projects is a nonchalant activity. Meanwhile, in the boat of Arte, furnished by online stockist Made in Design, the welcoming lounge is warmly lighted by our Lampe Petite and in the upper deck La Lampe Paris, again, sets the mood in the cocktail area. It is a movie-like cruise in the Mediterranean, but mostly, a floating party with the buzzing night in Cannes as a backdrop.



Changing moods, but not sights; at Le Public Système Cinema hub professionals and journalist arrive in search for something to share, somebody to see and why not, something to drink. The agency has set temporal offices in Cannes for the occasion and has also opted for the wireless La Lampe Paris and La Lampe Petite to illuminate the terrace and rooftop.


We wished, this time, that lamps could talk.  And there is hope that this year’s wink for outdoor solar lighting becomes a common sight in years to come, and we can see these nomadic, all-around, sophisticated lamps illuminating Cannes’ most intimate moments of the summer again.






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