by Christophe Pillet

A600. CHIC FRENCH OUTDOORS with an industrial accent

The petite, forgiving looks of Christophe Pillet’s A600 Series for Maiori is an account of design best practises and a dialogue of contrasts. Built in Aluminium 6061, a high-performance stock celebrated for its use in of aerospace industry, and fitted with panels shaped like pads, it provokes a sympathetic response. The oven-cured powder paint used throughout provides a warm and soft-to-touch feel, plus a matt sandy texture that is urbane and unfussy. Conceived with the garden in mind, it performs swiftly indoors. The proportions used, its cleanness, flair, and the contemporaneous of its lines makes it impeccable for use in indoor spaces.


Christophe Pillet

Christophe Pillet is a French designer who has won international acclaim for the spectrum and quality of his creations. Architecture, objects, furniture, and art direction: his signature is invariably associated with the finest brands and projects of ever-increasing weight and prestige.


The scope and the variety of his projects share a common attitude, independent of scale.  His considered interpretations are a testament to high-voltage chic, distinguished both by its precision and rigour.







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